Dilute Insulin Publications

Young children with a low total daily dose (TDD) might benefit from dilute insulin.

CamAPS FX is CE marked for use from 5 to 350 insulin units per day, however it may be worth considering diluting insulin if TDD is below 8 units per day and especially in those newly diagnosed and likely to honeymoon.

ISPAD Chapter 9: Insulin Treatment in Children and Adolescence with Diabetes

Point 17: Insulin Concentrations

  • The most widely available insulin concentration is 100 IU/mL (U 100).
  • Treatment with U 40 (40 IU/mL), U50 or other concentrations such as U500 is also acceptable, subject to availability and special needs.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the same concentration is supplied each time new supplies are received.
  • Very young children occasionally require insulin diluted with diluent obtained from the manufacturer, but special care is needed in dilution and drawing up the insulin into the syringe.
  • Rapid-acting insulin can be diluted to U10 or U50 with sterile NPH diluent and stored for 1 month for use in pumps for infants or very young children.

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