• How do people living with type 1 diabetes start using the CamAPS FX system?

  • People living with type 1 diabetes, who wish to use the CamAPS FX system, should contact their usual diabetes specialist care team to discuss it.

    Training takes place in 2 steps (although both steps may occur in the same appointment):

    • Online and / or face-to-face training on how to safely use the CamAPS FX app and
    • Confirmation of settings and activation the app together with a certified CamAPS FX trainer.

    Prior to training, people can download the CamAPS FX app from:

    • Amazon Appstore for use with the Dana insulin pump or
    • Google Play Store for use with the mylife YpsoPump.
  • How do I register with CamAPS FX Training Portal?

  • Registration can be completed online.

    Click on the link or icon in the top right of the screen to register.

    If you have any problems or require further support, please contact CDEP.

  • How much does the CamAPS FX training cost?

  • CamAPS FX online training is available FREE of charge.

    You may need to pay for a subscription fee to use the CamAPS FX app or purchase CamAPS FX together with your insulin pump.

    Find out more at

  • Can I do the training on my smartphone or tablet?

  • This online training offers a good experience on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Please choose an updated browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

    You can save CamAPS FX training portal to your tablet's or phone's home screen to create a shortcut to it.

  • Is CamAPS FX training endorsed?

  • CamAPS FX online training is proudly endorsed by:

  • What if I pick the wrong CamAPS FX learning zone?

  • You will be asked to pick from one of 3 training zones when you create your CamAPS FX Training account.

    • Person living with type 1 diabetes (or their carer if appropriate)
    • Diabetes specialist healthcare professional
    • Teachers or educational support staff

    The zone will determine which training you are offered.

    If you discover you have picked the wrong zone by mistake, you can amend your level in the 'my account' section.

  • What internet browser is best to use for CamAPS FX training?

  • We recommend that you do not use an out-of-date internet browser such as Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer supports these browser versions making the user experience very poor.

    For the best user experience, please choose another internet browser such as:

    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari (Apple)
  • Can I access CamAPS FX online training from home?

  • You can log onto the CamAPS FX training from any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or desktop computer that has access to the internet.

    CamAPS FX online training platform is mobile responsive and therefore offers a fantastic user experience from any device.

  • Can I have more than 1 chance at taking the self-assessment test to check my understanding?

  • Yes; however if you are still unable to answer the questions correctly after your third attempt, the section will be locked and you will be directed to read the resources associated with that section.

    After looking at one or more of the resources, the section will be unlocked and you may again re-take the test.

  • How will I know what answers I got right or wrong?

  • At the end of each section, you will be shown the correct answers to the questions.

    We will indicate which of the questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. Please note: your selection is not shown.

    Relevant resources linked to the section are shown at the bottom of the page should you wish to read them.

  • What is the CamAPS FX online training pass mark?

  • An 80% pass mark is required to ensure you have a good working knowledge of the system to use it safety.

    Each multiple-choice question series can be taken up to 3 times before the section is locked.

    Should the section become locked, a relevant resource needs to be read in order to unlock the section again before further attempts can be made.

  • When will I get a training certificate?

  • You will be able to generate a certificate from the website once you have successfully completed all the sections within the training.

    You will also be asked to complete an evaluation of the learning experience relating to the training that Edify will use to monitor the overall impact of the training and how best to improve the experience offered.

    The average time taken to complete a topic is shown as training-specific diabetes continuous professional development (CPD) time on the training certificate.

    Certificates are valid for 2 years from the date of completion due to the ongoing development of new treatments and continual evolution of diabetes care.

    Certificates can be printed, emailed or saved as PDFs to your local computer or network. They are also stored under the 'My Learning' tab in your account.

  • If I need help, who do I contact?

  • Please email us if you need any assistance with the online training.

    We welcome any feedback or comments on any aspect of this e-learning site as we are keen to continue improving and developing it further.

  • Who sees my data?

  • Detailed activity data is only viewed by the Edify team for troubleshooting and general evaluation purposes.
    All published data will be aggregated and can not be traced back to the individual.

    Edify will notify CamDiab, via email, that you have completed the CamAPS FX training so that they can unlock access to the CamAPS FX app.
    For safety reasons, only people who have undertaken this online training, or been supported by a CamAPS FX certfied trainer, will be allowed to use the closed-loop system.

    Information that will be included in this automated email is:

    • your name
    • your email address
    • title of training topic completed
    • your unique topic certification number